About OneTeam Services

A Digital Collaboration Tool from Martin IT Labs

OneTeam Services is available as a cloud service to get you up and running as quickly as possible, without having to worry about servers or hosting software.

The software is essentially a portal for accounting firms. It can be used stand alone, but it has also been designed to enable customers to securely access information that is stored in the back office systems that exist in large companies. OneTeam is based on the latest, best of breed technology. This allows us to work with your IT team in a way that is streamlined and low-risk to integrate the solution as part of your environment.

Phil Martin

Managing Director, Martin IT


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Phil and the team from MartinIT are enablers.  

Crossing the bounds of start-up to enterprise, they know the practical realities of what it takes to design, build and ship product. And they deliver! Instrumental in getting our beta off the ground, MartinIT gave Umano the legs to get up and running and into market. They remain a critical partner for our success.”

Chris Boys
Founder, Umano


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