Ever emailed sensitive info to the wrong people?

Some surveys imply the most common form of security breach is from personnel, including c-suite executives, mistakenly emailing sensitive info to the wrong people.

One survey had 60% of participants indicate that sensitive records were emailed to incorrect recipients (BPI Networks: Getting Control of Paper Flow).

Another study by the Creative Group, about 78% of Marketing Executives mentioned they had mistakenly emailed data to the wrong people.

While most news headlines are grabbed by large cyber breaches, it's being implied more security incidents stem from internal personnel emailing sensitive info to the wrong people in error.

Obviously these 'mistakes' do not necessarily stop with the business that made the error.

Both services providers and their clients can face legal and commercial ramifications.

One contributor is the use of email distribution lists because they magnify the incident.

A big time saver, however when working under pressure and deadlines looming, or fatigued from long hours,

then we are all prone to mistakes and selecting the wrong email distribution list is just easy to do.

Applications such One Team Services may help reduce this style of potential problem, by first needing to access the correct client project or workgroup, at which point no foreign email lists are presented to select accidentally.

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