How To Win Major Client Accountancy Services Over Next 3 yrs.

“Highly educated, skilled consultants were concerned as to their future relevance”

In Tim Ryan’s (PwC US Chairman) interview on ‘upskilling’ he outlines an initiative born of their consultant’s fears, that as automation claims more accountancy and financial functions, their future career relevance becomes uncertain.

PwC's response was to improve their tech skills and understanding of how technologies can bridge markets, integrate into business models and resultant outcomes.

With this new knowledge consultants are better able to advise clients in a technology driven future, thereby retaining their future client advisory relevance.

Conversely, changes in how major clients procure accountancy and advisory services are already occurring.

They want services supplied more cost effectively with technology allowing them to cherry pick to procure the best valued offers from multiple Tier 1 providers.

Relevance again determines facing ‘commodity’ price pressures or make price less relevant by supplying more valuable (not competition discounted) services.

Most partners would relish the chance to supply a more valuable package, however…

may be less aware of how other critical corporate concerns can be addressed and incorporated into their service delivery, to increase the client value of their service.

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