PwC Strategy Developed In Just 10 Weeks.

Could it have taken longer under more traditional circumstances?

PwC was able to complete the digital strategy in just 10 weeks for Court Services Victoria, which incorporated the key challenge of involving hundreds of stake holders, across a dozen entities.

PwC’s Digital Transformation Partner, Tracey Kennair, said that because of the pandemic, the traditional physical workshop approach was not possible.

“…the fact that we couldn’t do it face to face, so that’s normally how we would do it, run workshops and bring people in.

So a lot of it was actually engaging people with a lot of the online tools that have been so successful as part of this.

So we were able to use specific tools which enabled people to come together on line, we would have break-out sessions and bring them back together…”

While the 'tools' are referenced as ‘successful’, the question remains how much did the digital collaboration process contribute towards the 10 week completion?

Is this a more time-cost effective approach over physical workshops involving many stakeholders?

Could this be the 'new normal' process?

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