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OneTeam is a great time-saver for your firm. It reduces work for your consultants, through integration and automation.  It can extend your existing services for clients to access them anywhere and at any time, helping you win and retain business in a rapidly changing world. 

Functionality I Services

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Custom Branding

OneTeam offers a flexible front-end that can be styled to embrace your brand. So, your clients will see your brand whenever they work in the platform. 

We will spend time with your consultancy to make sure the platform is looking the way you want it to and showing the data you want.

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Data Request & Response

Using OneTeam, your consultants can easily request the data required from clients to complete the project on time. It’s a simple process for clients to upload documents relevant to the project and it's far more secure than email.

OneTeam tracks and displays the conversation history, in one place for everyone on the project to see, so nothing is lost in buried in a consultant's email box.

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Document Version Control

OneTeam has a document version control system built into the platform, which makes document management straight forward.


Every change is recorded so that if there is ever any query about why a document has been changed, or what change was made, OneTeam makes it possible to see who made the change and when.

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Designed faster integration with:

  • CRM systems

  • Local document storage

  • Identity management

  • Workflow management

  • Document Signing

  • And more...

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Engagement Management

The platform lets consultants create a digital workspace where all of the projects for a particular client are grouped under an engagement. You can then control who has access to each engagement, what data they see and who can see activity on projects.  ​

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  • Unlimited storage *

  • Unlimited clients *

  • Unlimited engagements *

* Subject to fair use policy



Talk to us about a custom pricing plan that includes volume discounts, software customisation and integration with your back office systems.

Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

  • Sized to your needs

  • Full set of out of the box features with customisation

  • Custom branding

  • Custom functionality

  • Connect your domain

  • Integration into your back office systems

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