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Retain, Grow & Win
Major Accounting Services Revenue

The next generation Client Services Delivery Platform to 
effectively perform and grow client services capabilities.

Who This Benefits

Partners, Directors and Business Development managers responsible for winning, growing and retaining client services revenue, and managing performance delivery of accountancy and advisory services to major clients.

Would the ability to make your client services more valuable help to:

  • Retain existing services clients for extended periods?
  • Grow services revenue from existing major clients?
  • Win new services revenue from major clients?

What if your services could provide additional value by addressing other key concerns faced by major clients?

  • Major clients differentiating your services from competitors as providing greater value, thereby reducing competitive pressures to discount rates. 
  • Scaling in-house client services more effectively with greater control, thereby maintain better margins against client KPI's.
  • Winning new revenue made easier, with ability to demonstrate how you can exceed client expectations.

Is this applicable for my services?

Without a high level understanding of the professional services provided to corporate and government sectors, it's difficult to provide any guidance. 



by assisting other clients where service delivery relies on provider and client collaboration to exchange, collate, and disseminate information and documentation, 

generally using an email 'data request' style of process,


that a powerful and compelling competitive advantage in service delivery performance can be developed.

Why not book an 'Applicability Chat'.


Let's have a 15 minute general discussion to determine if this warrants digging deeper.

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