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A portfolio linked by our specialisation and driven by our purpose

A cohesive product portfolio, supported by our team of software engineers that specialise in sophisticated automation and system integration. We are driven by our purpose, which is to deliver efficiency for consumers, teams, businesses and economies.

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Automation for Accounting

OneTeam is a cloud platform that provides a central point of control and data exchange between teams, advisors and clients. 


It allows you to collaborate and share data in a secure way. OneTeam automates mundane tasks allowing your team to focus on what is valuable.

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Automated Fare Collection

OneLink is an innovative Automated Fare Collection System. 


It is designed to cater for areas with poor network connectivity. 

Terminals use GPS to calculate the fare that passengers pay when they tap off, and the solution supports a number of different pricing models.

Real-Time Payments for Banks

In partnership with TechCreate, we offer a payments engine that delivers core infrastructure for a central bank and banks, allowing banks to offer their customers real time payment services.

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