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OneLink in the Media

Onelink has been on show at an Electric Vehicle Motor Show and on the TV news in the Philippines.

Still from video showing interview with Phil Martin, OneTeam Group CEO, on the TV news in the Philippines.

Onelink, a OneTeam Technology transport solution, has been showcased at an Electric Vehicle Motor Show organised by the Philippines Department of Transportation.

The solution offers passengers contactless and cashless payments, which can be made by scanning a QR code, by tapping either a credit/debit card or a mobile phone.

The publicity, which also appeared on a UNTV news bulletin, is associated with the Philippines Government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP). The program aims to improve the lifestyle of citizens, by providing a transportation system that is safer, more efficient and affordable, as well as environmentally sustainable.

Also in the Philippines, OneLink has recently been selected as the exclusive Automated Fare Collection System (AFC) for the eFrancisco Motor Corporation Inc. (eFMC).

The company is the largest manufacturer of Jeepney vehicles, which are a local form of public transport. With its reputation for making the best Jeepneys, for almost 8 decades, eFMC has earned the title, “King of the Road”.

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