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Our Product

Real-Time Payments

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Faster, more convenient payments, without compromising security

In partnership with TechCreate (for the Middle East and Africa), OneTeam offers a payments engine that connects participating banks in real time via infrastructure at a Central Bank.

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For Customers

Our Real-Time Payments Engine means that banks can offer their customers:


Speed – Payments that can be made in near real time 24 / 7, with funds being available almost instantly to the payee 

Simplicity – Bank customers can be paid or send money to someone, without having to remember bank codes or bank account details, even if the other party banks with another bank.

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For Banks

For banks, the benefits include having the ability to increase service offerings and improve customer satisfaction. They can exploit the fast payments infrastructure to offer other services at low cost.


The solution helps banks to move from paper-based payments, such as cash and cheques, resulting in reduced costs to maintain and adapt legacy systems.

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