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For large accountancy firms looking to win major client services revenue

A client service delivery platform: A collaboration tool and a central point of control for your engagements. 

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What Can OneTeam Services Do For You?

Perform client services delivery more efficiently with greater security, to help retain and win key clients.


  • Engagement and task management against client KPI completions.

  • Central point of project communications, document auto-versioning and change audit tracking.

  • Key person risk reduction through re-allocation of tasks with full conversation history.

  • Client self-service capabilities.

  • Client data requests, alerts, and message encryption security.

  • Your branding - clients see your brand, not ours. 

OneTeam Services is cloud based, group or departmental application, that enhances performance of client services delivery.
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Secure Document Sharing

Document management including secure, audited two-way file exchange with clients and contractors. Files are encrypted in storage, and when they are shared with authorised customers.  

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Milestone Management

Communicate milestones, assign and track tasks. Manage resource allocation, risks and project correspondence in one location that lets your customers know what they need to do next so that you can keep things on track. 


We integrate with CRM, local document storage, single sign-on, workflow management and your other back-office systems via the OneTeam API, which is built to widely used industry standards. 

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