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Add User to an Engagement


The following functions are available to Engagement Managers or Team Members that belong to an engagement. 

About this feature

  • Adding people from your firm (i.e. the engagement team members) will give them access to any project that exist, or that will be created, within this engagement.

  • Adding client users does not provide them with any access at this stage. It streamlines the creation of projects, because you will have the option to "copy all the engagement users" to any projects that you create.

To add a user to an engagement

  1. Select Engagements

  2. Click the client tile to filter the list and show the engagements for that client

    • Note you can click the tile again to reset and show all the client tiles

  3. Click on an engagement

  4. Select the User tab

  5. Click Add User

  6. Pick either the client or your firm

  7. Select the user you wish to add to the engagement

  8. Click the Add button

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