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Create a Project

About this feature


Projects are the way that OneTeam organises your work. The people you add to a project could appear as "People involved with the project" or "Your Tax Team" or similar, and files, risks and requests can all be added to the project.


This feature is only available to [Engagement] Team Members and Engagement Managers.

Note: You may wish to add users to an engagement before you start creating projects. This will allow you to optionally, copy all the users from the engagement to the project to speed up the process.

To create a project

  1. Select Engagements from the top menu

  2. Optionally click on a client tile to filter and show just the engagements for that client. 

    • Note: You can click the tile again to show all client tiles

  3. Click the engagement that you will add the project to

  4. Click the Add Project button in the top right of the screen

  5. Enter a name for the project

  6. Select a Project Manager

    • In the drop down beside the Project Manager label, you will see a list of all the members of your team (i.e. users belonging to your consulting firm).

    • Note the Project Manager doesn't have any special privileges. They are displayed with the list of projects, essentially as a point of contact for the project.

  7. Select a Start Date and and End Date for the project. You will be able to change these later

  8. Leave the tick box selected, to copy all engagement users to the project

  9. Click the Add Project button


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