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Create a Request


This feature is available to [Engagement] Team Members and Engagement Managers. ​

To Create a Request

  1. Select Engagements from the top menu

  2. Optionally click on a client tile to filter and show just the engagements for that client. 

    • Note: You can click the tile again to show all client tiles

  3. Click the relevant engagement

  4. Click on the project to open it

  5. Select a Request Type. The request types available to you are dependent on the configuration settings within OneTeam but could include:

    • A "Data Request" involves asking for files, and clients can upload any number of files in their response.

    • A "Task Request" involves simply asking the client to do something, for example a request to pay an invoice.

    • A "Query List" involves providing access to a spreadsheet through our WebSheet functionality in OneTeam, and requesting the client, for example, to review and respond to a list of questions.

  6. Select the person you wish to assign the request to. Note that the list only includes people that are involved in the project. If you can't see the right person you will need to firstly add them to the project (See Add User to a Project).

  7. Select a Short Description, an (optional) date that the response is required by and the details of the request. For most request types you can also attach files for the client if you like.

    • IMPORTANT note: The person the request has been assigned to will be notified by email that there is a request waiting for them in the platform. However for security and privacy reasons the only information that is included in the email is the due date for the response and your name as the requestor. The client will only be able to see the files and request details once they are logged into the platform.

  8. Click the Add Request button

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