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Respond to a Request

About this feature

Requests are main interaction between the consulting firm and its clients. They are organised under projects, and there are different types of requests but they all follow a common, simple workflow, whereby:

  • A project team member initiates a request and assigns it to another project team member.

  • That person is notified by email, and the request appears on their main dashboard.

  • The person who is assigned the request can respond (and attach files if required).

  • There can be back and forth conversation, for example if the request requires clarification until the request is finally closed by the engagement team.

Responding to a request from an email notification


As a project team member you will receive an email notification showing the name of the person that assigned the request to you (although the email itself will come from


To respond to the request:

  1. Click the link in the email to open the request in OneTeam

  2. Log on, if you are not already logged on to the platform (and you are not using Single Sign On)

  3. Read the request, which will be displayed automatically at this point.

  4. Click the Respond button

  5. Add a text message 

  6. Drag and drop, or click browse, to attach files, if they have been requested.

  7. Click Save

    • Your response is saved​

    • The person that assigned the request to you will be notified

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