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Create a Websheet


This feature is available to [Engagement] Team Members and Engagement Managers. A Websheet is a control that allows you to display and edit an Excel file completely within OneTeam. You may have the ability to create a Websheet or to Edit a Websheet directly from the Data Repository, or you may be able to create Requests or Action Items that use WebSheets. ​

Important information about creating a Websheet

  1. Websheets originate as Excel files. Only use a ".xlsx" file to be a websheet.

  2. Whilst the Websheet control mimics Excel in functionality there are some differences for you to be aware of.


Supported Cell Formats

Alignment: Horizontal


Border: Bottom: Line Colour

Border: Bottom: Line Style

Border: Left: Line Colour

Border: Left: Line Style

Border: Right: Line Colour

Border: Right: Line Style

Border: Top: Line Colour

Border: Top: Line Style

Date: Short Date Excel Type=d/m/yy

Date: Long Date Excel Type=[$-x-sysdate]dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy

To learn more about about how to enter dates correctly, go to: Editing Dates in a WebSheet


Fill: Background Colour


Merged Cells

Number: Accounting Excel Type=_($* #,##0.00_);_($* (#,##0.00);_($* "-"??_);_(@_)

Number: Currency Excel Type=$#,##0.00

Number: General Excel Type=0.00

Number: Percentage Excel Type=0%

Number: Percentage + Decimal Places Excel Type=0.00% (where DP=2).

Text: Bold

Text: Colour

Text: Font
Text: Italic

Text: Size



Text Wrap

Supported Sheet formats

Hidden sheets

Protected sheets

Column(s) Width

Row(s) Height

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