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Create an Engagement


This function is only available to the Engagement Manager role

To create an engagement

  1. Select Engagements

  2. Click the Add Engagement button

  3. Enter a name for the engagement and select the client
  4. Select an Engagement Manager for the Engagement
    • The drop down list of Engagements Mangers shows only the names of people from your firm who belong to the Engagement Manager role.
    • The name of the Engagement Manger will appear in the list of engagements on the Engagement screen, which only people from your firm, belonging to that engagement (or its projects) can see.
    • The Engagement Manager is automatically added to the list of users for that engagement, which means that they will have access to all projects that are added to it. 
  5. Click Save
    • Note that the engagement won't initially be visible to anyone except people from your firm who belong the Engagement Manager role unless they are added to it as an engagement user.
    • Once you add user to the engagement, only the users from your firm will be able to actually see it. 

Next steps

You may wish to add users and projects to the engagement

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